Scorching Lens
Scorching Lens
Health Points 18 (FullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeart)
Drops 0-2 Igneous Rock
0-4 Fiery Essence
Experience 6
First Appearance Release 1.1

Scorching Lens is an aggressive mob which spawns in the Burning Mountains biome, and is one of the primary sources of Fiery Essence, and also the only mob which drops Igneous Rock.

Behavior Edit

As soon as a player gets in proximity, the lens will rapidly breathe fire out of his eye. Each of the flames increases player's total fire 28 ticks (or less, if wearing Fire Protection armor), and also deal half a heart of damage with occasional knockback. If a flame hits a block, it has a chance to create fire.

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